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SEBI Registered Research Analyst - Reg. No. INH100010013.

Mr. Amiteshwar Singh is Proprietor of M/s and is a unit of is exclusively focused on research of Mutli-Cap Stocks and is backed by skilled research analyst who has more than half a decade of experience in stock market. Through this website the Research Analyst is trying to offer good researched stocks to its subscribers.

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We recommend 2 Multi-Cap Stocks (that can be micro, small, mid or largecap) weekly i.e. 1 stock on Wednesday and 1 on Saturday. The Subscriber will be able to see the Recommendation every Wednesday & every Saturday on the website by entering the login credentials provided by us. If the Subscriber makes payment through Credit/Debit Card of Net Banking Etc., Login ID and Password will be issued immediately. If the payment is done through cheque, then after the credit of your cheque in our account. The Subscriber will get 2 stocks weekly i.e. 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Saturday evening around 6:00 PM along with Analysis Report.

What makes us your best choice.

SERIOUS INVESTING is for the earnest investors who are willing to build wealth and increase their earnings in long run. To achieve this, we study plethora of listed companies of Indian Stock Market and choose only those companies that have potential to be called good investment.


With thorough analysis, we recommend 2 Mutli-Cap Stocks every week. This Multi-Cap model helps the subscribers to make hybrid investments decision i.e. combination of aggressive & conservative approach.


The aim of our recommendations is to help the subscribers increase the monetary benefit by of investment in different recommended stocks. Therefore, selling the same whenever they achieve the predicted target value. This will help the subscribers to realise the gains and give them confidence to further invest in recommended stocks of future.


We don’t recommend stocks for intraday trading and don’t encourage you to go for futures and options, as we do not want any of our valuable subscriber to lose even single penny by way of speculation.


By availing our subscription, the Subscribers will get recommendation of 2 Mutli-Cap Stocks i.e. 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Saturday along with analysis report about the Company’s financials and market prospects as well as the target price of the stock.